• RFQ is an application service for your marketing / advertising department to save time and money
  • RFQ eliminates the need for your purchasing department to buy print and paper
  • RFQ gives you the best direct access to a variety of printers and associated service providers
  • Absolute auditability and transparency of printers, orders, times, places and print production machines
  • Linkable with your ERP, bookkeeping, settlement system etc.
  • Online, by phone and on-site expert support
  • With a Europe-wide printer database that can be easily extended with your favorite printers
  • The first step is that we recognize where you are and where you want to be:
    • Who / what are your customers?
    • Which products and services do you need?
    • What is your print volume?
  • Together with you we will find the following:
    • Is there a need for a new approach to your print production?
    • Where and who are your target audience and how we can use this in the simplest most effective way to reach them with Print Advertising
    • How do we achieve the best results with your printing budget!
  • RFQ is there to take on new challenges and ways to print production!
  • The cheapest price does not always achieve the best results!
  • RFQ helps you to make the decision for the best price and production of required print products!
  • Our recommendations are always based on your real needs and interests
  • We can also work in secret or openly, just as you want
  • Together with our network and your existing suppliers, we will enable you to achieve your production targets – at the best price, with no stress to you!
  • With RFQ you have a multi-brand platform for your entire print media purchasing.
  • We are there to help you to delegate tasks without losing control
  • After the first use of RFQ to establish a benchmark for:
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Transparency and
  • Cost stability
  • Your print media production will be able to adapt to the constantly changing market realities
  • RFQ will help you to achieve the goals set for your print media
  • We ensure that the best is used from our network to your benefit and for your objectives

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Präsentation RFQ