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Facts & Figures

2006 – Media Impression founded
2007 – Media Impression Switzerland AG, internationalization of the business and expansion of the services
2009 – Established Media Impression Produktion GmbH as a new franchise partner, with expanded networking in the international market with three new locations in Germany
2011 – Established Media Impression One AG as a new franchise partners, expansion of activities in the Swiss market with international networking
2011 – New office in Fribourg Germany
2011 – Purchase of all rights for Multichannel Media Systems MY Content
2012 – Foundation of the Media Impression GmbH With operational company “PM” for print and Paper-Management and the “service”, as an IT support company.
2012 – SAP certification of Multichannel Media Systems MY Content
2012 – Established Media Impression Benelux as operational location and contact point for all subject in the greater Benelux.
2013 – Established Media Impression France SAS
2013 – Established Media Impression Iberia as the operative site and contact point for all subject in the Greater Iberia.
2013 – Launch of the project “Media Starter”: A composite mailing to company solution in Switzerland.
2014 – Established Media Impression Ltd in England. Introduction of Services HPM (Hybrid Print Management) to bring to market more transparency for clients in Print Management.
2014 – Project start “Media Starter” in Germany.

We united so that our customers would benefit.

Media Impression was established to be the best provider of printing solutions in Europe.  With strength from the sum of our separate parts customers get independent consultancy for optimum print production at the best possible cost. We are developing this through ongoing expansion of our locations, the constant growth of our partner network and in particular with an increasing number of highly satisfied customers.

Media production is our passion supported by data management, logistics and distribution. We know the complex processes that underlie successful communication, to the smallest detail.

Christian Gebhardt CEO Media Impression Switzerland AG – “These facts speak for themselves: In an increasingly complex media and service world, we operate through our expert range of solutions to comprehensively meet the expectations of our customers.”

Media Impression first gets to understand your core business, so the media production can adapt to this and not vice versa. Existing resources should be used (whether already existing databases, etc.) so we simply make the integration of new technology possible. The advice and long-term evaluation (AN-EX-VE: Analysis, Execute and Verify) are our priority.

Although dispersed across Europe our corporate organization ensures that you get the best people to partner with. It’s not about to own products to sell but to find solutions that bring future-oriented further.

We ask that our customers is simply provide: where they want to be and what do they want to keep when they get there.

Here the mantra is, “together we will find a solution that suits your cost structure”. That is, we do not have fixed guidelines as you only pay when we deliver what we both agree to provide.

Wir sind für Sie da.


11 places in Europe are linked to the Print-Media-World, just for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Media Impression Schweiz AG

Grubenstr. 109, CH-3322 Schoenbühl
Telefon : +41 31 850 31 50

Media Impression

Hälde 6, D-74889 Sinsheim-Weiler
Telefon : +49 7261 656 93 63

Media Impression GmbH
Media Impression PM GmbH

Carl-Schurz-Str. 121
50374 Erftstadt/Liblar
Telefon: +49 2235 95783-0
Fax: +49 2235 95783-11

Media Impression Service GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Straße 6
50181 Bedburg
Telefon: +49 (0)2272 9786285

Media Impression Produktion GmbH

Oberfeldweg 7a, D-82064 Strasslach
Telefon : +49 8170 99 60 78

Media Impression France SAS

42, avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris, France

Pierre Kilchoer
Conseil, gestion de projet / Fribourg, CH, Directeur général Media Impression France SAS
Telefon: +41 26 426 44 55


Oostjachtpark 5
9100 Sint-Niklaas
Tel.: +32 37770444

Media Impression LTD

Hill Crest, Silverstone Road
MK18 5LG Dadford
Telefon: +44 12 808 217 23
Mobil: +44 795 618 5493

Media Impression Iberia

Avenida Mistral, 18, entlo. 2a
08015 Barcelona
Telefon: +34 932 508 750
Mob: +34 607 765 973