By employing the PGB as a business process “Workflow Modelling Manager” you will be able to connect, manage and control all existing activities, tasks, steps, system inputs, interfaces, people, departments, partners, expenditure and performance levels to optimize output. This might be the first time that you will have obtained a comprehensive overview and understanding of all the complexity of your transactional processes. PGB gives you the opportunity to direct changes in processes to incorporate improvement and see immediate improvement.

Process Gear Box enables you to:

Define workflows / processes and identify who is managing and contributingConnect and recognize all sources of information (ERP, CRM, DAM, PIM, etc.) involved in all workflowAnalyze all processes, sub-processes, activities and timelines.

PGB is an easy way to integrate disparate systems and employees in a unique coherent workflow.

Share resources and distribute final contiguous tasks in an integrated system.

Connection of transactional processes that are not fully automated yet are business-critical.

Connection of: people, departments, systems, external organizations in a controllable workflow, wherever a fully automated standalone system is not appropriate.

The whole is executed with the rigorous structure of “Lean Six Sigma” to ensure the success of all transactions


  • Single Login
  • Future-proof


  • Easy Immigration
  • Structured Recycling
Through intensive analysis of the existing structure of people, processes and systems, we map your existing workflows.

Only after understanding how these work, can optimization begin.By working together we are able to gently and efficiently improve the way your organization produces.

Process Gearbox makes this possible.

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