Service and transparency – with the right outcome at the best price

  • We provide advice on full service, transparent show our results, and develop for you from.
  • HPM is an application service for your marketing / advertising department to save time and money
  • HPM is your purchasing department for the advertising Shopping
  • HPM gives you contact with the printer that you do not have in traditional print management. No firm guidelines for printing partner (we are independent of printing partners)
  • Absolute auditable for printer, order, time, place and production machines
  • Linkable with your ERP, bookkeeping, settlement system etc.
  • Online, by phone, in person and demand expert support
  • With Europe-wide printer database that can be easily extended with your favorite printers
  • We always start by identifying where you are and where you want:
  • Who / what are your customers?
  • Which products and services have been utilized?
  • What is your print volume?
  • HPM is always a common dialogue about the following points out:
  • Is there a need for a new approach to your print production?
  • Where and who are your target audience and how we can use this in the simplest most effective way to reach with Print Advertising
  • How do we achieve the best results with your printing budget!
  • HPM is there to take on new challenges and ways to the print product!
  • It is not always the cheapest price is the best result, a change may be the goal!
  • We help you to make the decision for the best shopping of the required print products! Maximum information with minimum expenditure of time for you.
  • Our recommendations are always based on your real needs and interests
  • We can also work in secret or in public, just as you like it
  • Together with our network and your existing suppliers, we will be your print media reach production targets – at the best price, with no stress for you!
  • With HPM it is possible a multiple brand platform for your entire media centralized on to build.
  • We are there to control the familiar service a Pruent Management Company transparent and clear.

From the beginning, you will get through the Hybrid Print Management a benchmark:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • transparency
  • cost stability
  • Your print media production will be able to adapt to the constantly changing market realities
  • HPM will help you to achieve the goals set your print media
  • We ensure that the best is used from our network to your benefit and for your goals

Download Presentation as PDF:

Präsentation HPM