Virtual Paper Stock – VPS

Manage your in-active paper capital with VPS – The Virtual Paper Stock Portal
What is the ”Virtual Paper Stock” Portal?

  • Virtual Paper Stock (VPS) is a trading platform for inactive paper stock. That means, wherever someone has paper in stock they no longer need, they can sell it on the VPS Portal!
  • Whenever you get more than from your recycling partner, you improve your bottom line! It takes no time to list stock and less time to find a source of quality paper at prices which will increase your bottom line!
  • You, your company name and location will always be hidden and remain confidential as all communications and negotiations can only be done through your agent, the people who operate VPS, Media Impression.

Multiple sources for selling and buying

  • Paper comes from different sources into the VPS-platform.
  • It is an independent place for all parties. It can be from a mill, retailer, broker, recycler or any printer
  • Product origin and reason for selling is controlled by the seller and not by the portal
  • You will find paper from sources you could never have accessed before

Advantages for the different sources/channels

For Paper Mills

Side-runs, fault trims and cancelled orders can be sold confidentially
In private and easier than trading paper through traditional channels
Will not destroy the price balance on the market

For Printers

Activate dead capital and achieve a higher price than from your recycling partner
Find paper for your production at low cost or to solve an urgent need for hard to find paper

For Retailers

Activate dead capital caused by over buying, discontinued and cancelled marketing

For All – Greener than recycling with much less carbon output!

Benefiting you!
VPS – Virtual Paper Stock – Activating passive capital assets!
On-demand sales channel for in-active stock and a great way to buy well below list!

Each registered user can sell and buy stock
The Media Impression portal organizes product data entered by the seller
The Media Impression consultant will confirm product details and warranties
The product database provides a vast “virtual warehouse” of paper so that you can readily see what is available and quickly overcome paper availability bottlenecks
Accuracy of product information is the responsibility of the seller and Media Impression does not guarantee such
No transaction is binding until the point when it is confirmed by an official purchase order with the Media Impression
Unless stated otherwise, Media Impression will organize collection and delivery
By regularly checking the portal’s stock, availability issues will be kept to a minimum.

Paper stock can be listed on the database, checked and edited at any time
Buyers can ask via the portal whether the product information and availability is still current
After 30 days of listing, confirmation of information will be automatically requested and if not established, the listing will be removed
Information about the owner of the stock and where it is stored will not be displayed. (This information is only visible to Media Impression and the seller.)
Disclosing information about the location and the owner will only be done after consultation and approval by them
A sale can only be confirmed by an accepted offer in writing through Media Impression supported by an official purchase order

Independent not favouring sellers or buyers
Flexible – able to handle any volumes of paper
Immediacy – fast to list products and see what is available
Price benefits for both parties
Higher price than when it goes for recycling
Lower than the market price for buying
Reduces inactive stocks, frees capital and clears space
One operator but many sellers and buyers
Confidential – identity and reason for selling hidden
Green – why recycle when paper can go directly to production?

Download presentation as PDF:

Präsentation VPS