What criteria should you use to justify your print advertising?

  • At the right time for your target audience “on the breakfast table”.
  • Very short lead times for the decision to print production.
  • Very short implementation / execution.
  • consider your product and seasonal needs.
  • Creative formats, flexibility and cost
  • More important than a variety of product images in a printed product to achieve an optimal “time to market”.
  • You should react quickly to the consumer behavior of your target audience and print advertising can be used as “PUSH ADVERTISING”.
  • Media Impression has developed a print concept (PPA) to meet all these requirements.
  • Today more than 240 customers are already using this service the Media Impression.
  • In order to be considered by your target market, you need to produce and positions your print ads at the right time in the right place. But how do you provide frequent advertising impulses with the same appearance but different messages for your products?Talk to your existing customers with your print advertising campaign, as he has always experienced when visiting your home? Or flexible, varied, innovative and striking? Or short “… Always something new“.


Print, as it is practiced today, compared to online media is very inflexible and sluggish, and requires very long lead times.

The time at which the advertisement arrives with the consumer must at an early stage of the advertising campaign.


Eliminate annual planning to make rapid decisions for pushed print advertising.

Achieve 7-9 days for design, print and within your customers’ mailboxes

Our print products in standard format:

A2: 2 and 4 pages

A3: 2, 4 and 8 pages

A4: 4, 8 pages and 16 pages


Our standard print products

In large format:

Coupon Flyer

4 pages + cover 24 x42cm (flap 11,8cm wide, folded 24x21cm)

8 pages + cover 18 x61cm (door 12cm wide, folded 18 × 30.5cm)

Square Flyers

6 sides 20 x40cm (shaved to 20 x20cm, as winding flyer)

6 pages 28 x61cm (shaved to 28 x30.5 cm)

Stages Flyer

6 pages 19 -21 x42cm (shaved to 21 x21cm)

8 pages 18 -21 x61cm (shaved to 21 x30.5 cm)

Delta fold:

24 pages 19.5 x19.5cm (square display format)

30 pages 16.8 x19.5cm

36 pages 13.8 x19.5cm

By default, we print on 52-56g / m² SC or 60-65g / m² LWC


Download Presentation as PDF:

Präsentation PPA