Partially or fully automated page generator

There are many reasons to think about using partially or fully automated page generator:

  • Much faster “go to market”!
  • Freesupmoreproductiveresources!
  • Greaterflexibilityformulti-channelmarketing!
  • Save money and resources by using central data generated production!

Where and why is PGEN of Benefit?

  • For technical and product catalogues. Classic publishing that can be generated from a central database. For rapid availability and output to all channels.
  • POSpublishingcanbeautomatedfromceilingbanners,productinformationcards,counter displays, leaflets, business cards and more. If print publishing standards exist or you want them to, PGEN is the solution!
  • When it comes to recurring direct mailings that are similar in structure and form, they can be ordered with PGEN, the flexible and creative alternative production service.
  • From partial to fully automated, the choice is yours. We provide you with a fully equipped playground; you choose the apparatus you want to use.
  • Print-On-Demand using a content management system, custom printed output is created without a creative person straight from your desktop.


  • Acontentpageisbuiltwithapplication-specifictools.
  • PGEN can be a part of your existing systems or a component of a new production structure.
  • Media Impression PGEN is the only automated page generation tool you need for yourbusiness success. Our tools are always adapted to your needs not an “Out of the box”solution
  • With help of open source components, development costs can be cut and help maintain yourcompetitive advantage
  • Oursolutionsreflectyourcorecompetence,withouttheneedtoadoptourideas.
  • Challengeustoworkwithyoutodesignanautomatedpagegenerationsolutionthatmeetsyour needs for the future.

Partially Automated

In conjunction with desktop publishing programs like InDesign, information from a planning tool or ERP system can be collected and be implemented according to a PGEN design template
Fully automated

  • Standard pages are created directly, without using a DTP system and produced as a generic printable PDF. Very fast!
  • Using a DTP system that generated editable pages but is not quite as fast as those without DTP.

Template-based on-line editor

By using templates defined by an on-line editor you can quickly customize print and online products over the Internet regardless of your location.

  • Up to 90% saving in time and resources (with full automation) for your page layout.
  • At least 50% lower costs
  • Feedalloutputchannels.
  • Simple and predictable cost structure.

PGEN – Dynamic creation of content, fast and secure whenever you need it!

Präsentation als PDF downloaden:

Präsentation PGEN