How to improve Selecting and Ordering paper to reduce waste, lower cost and achieve production objectives

What is PAM?

  • A solution to make sure you always use the most suitable paper for your selected printer
  • An independent supplier with no requirement to control paper price and print output
  • The ability to meet changes to your print requirements quickly and with minimal cost
  • Troubleshoot everything about paper
  • PAM controls the budget, find the best papers at the right price

Multiple Quellen für Ihren Einkauf

  • Paper comes from different sources
  • PAM is supplier independent
  • We search the entire market for you, saving you time and resources
  • The costs are charged to the printer as a purchaser improving cash flow and reducing risk
  • Media Impression is on the side of the customer not the printer.
  • We represent the best interests of the client
  • Whether offset, gravure or sheet-fed printing

We find the right paper, delivery and cost outcome for you through sourcing paper independently

  • Flexible
  • Creativity for new products
  • Price control
  • Volume Control
  • Quality Control
  • Advice from your point of view and not a printer or paper manufacturer

PAM – Makes sure that paper for your print production is always supplied quickly and cost-effectively

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Präsentation PAM