Analyse – Execute – Verify

What is AN-EX-VE?

It is our approach to Consulting. Some might say “but it is only consulting”. However, we want to offer much more.

  • Analysis covers the entire media world
  • Approach is to achieve effectiveness for the long-term
  • New approaches which are functional and proven
  • Outcomes that are not only effective but can be verified

Analyze – Execute – Verify AN-EX-VE

AN – Analysis is not just about subjectively measuring/assessing your existing structure but to engage with your staff and partners in a dialogue to understand what is the reality of the current situation and pressure points. We’re there to understand historic structures and to identify important success factors that account for the success of your business. We find potential savings in time and money and also identify the optimal positioning of your brand(s) within your promotional structure.

EX – Execute always involves understanding the need for a close link between management and staff to jointly implement the chosen path. The success that we achieve always comes from a unified view for a positive outcome for all in the company. Only great implementation and ongoing monitoring of change will lead to long-term success.

VE – Verifying for us is always the most important element to verify that the new measures also led to the desired outcomes and success. That is why we always look at the long-term challenges of the business and how to meet them. We always translate verification into a question – “Is this the best way we can help achieve strategy and business objectives for your business?”

Open discussions with your managers and members of staff including:

  • Moderated discussions in private
  • Objective analysis of comments
  • Understanding of all existing systems
  • Understanding of the external service partners
  • Understanding of integration between the two, especially identifying experts and their specialties
  • And much more

Just AN-EX-VE for

  • Cutting costs also means also faster to market
  • Your staff to understand and achieve measurable cost improvements and benefits not protect what is familiar
  • By questioning the historic way of where you are we can find in best way of communicating necessary changes in processes , both internally and externally, which must be made and accepted.
  • In general, our service paves by savings and improved competitiveness for the long-term


Media Impression’s AN-EX-VE is designed to strengthen your business not just change it

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